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A Day in Julian

As you traverse the winding roads leading to the secluded town of Julian, nestled just outside San Diego, California, the anticipation builds for the myriad of experiences awaiting your arrival. A must-do upon reaching this charming town is savoring the iconic pies, a renowned delicacy at the California Mountain Bakery located just across the highway from Jeremy’s restaurant. Delight in the flavors of Julian’s pies, setting the tone for an unforgettable visit.

While in Julian, an array of activities beckon. Immerse yourself in the rustic allure of the Fort Cross Old Timey Adventures, explore the bountiful Julian Farm and Orchard, or unwind at the Julian Station, a hub of local flavors and culture, including a stop at Calico Cidery for a taste of the region’s cider craftsmanship. After a morning of adventures, Jeremy’s offers a perfect lunch spot to refuel and relish in the local culinary delights.

Stroll along Main Street Julian, perusing the charming shops and boutiques for unique finds, creating an afternoon filled with leisurely discoveries. For those seeking outdoor escapades, a visit to Lake Cuyamaca invites you to hike amidst picturesque landscapes or indulge in a serene picnic setting. And as the sun sets, return to Jeremy’s for a memorable dinner, completing your day in Julian with exceptional cuisine and warm hospitality, adding the perfect finishing touch to your remote town escapade.

Jeremys On the Hill Venue

Planning Your Special Day in Julian?

Jeremy’s on the Hill stands as the pinnacle choice for crafting the idyllic wedding experience amidst Julian’s picturesque countryside, a serene haven nestled within San Diego’s charming embrace. When envisioning a wedding set against the backdrop of mountains, forests, meadows, wineries or ranches, Jeremy’s catering emerges as the quintessential partner, ensuring a seamless celebration. With nature’s bounty painting each season in vibrant hues, Jeremy’s caters effortlessly, transforming dreams into reality. Their comprehensive service encompasses worry-free arrangements, providing everything necessary for catering, elevating the day into a quiet, beautiful, and peaceful affair. Jeremy’s unique touch infuses the wedding with charm and whimsy, ensuring an unforgettable experience that mirrors the unique essence of Julian’s enchanting landscape.

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